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Thailand’s International Relocation Company

Domestic Moving

Even though domestic moving in Bangkok and Thailand is considered easier than international relocation but you sill have things to consider. United Relocations can assist you with all regarding:

  • Pre-Move survey with in 24 hours

  • Shuttle Service

  • Furniture disassemble, Packing and loading of all furniture and contents of boxes by highly skilled and experienced packing team

  • Haulage of containers or truck from origin to destination depends on the size of your shipment

  • Warehouse and Storage facilities

  • Furniture assemble, Unpacking and unloading of all furniture and contents of boxes

  • Musical Instrument Moving service by our professional team

Office Move

Preparing to move an office or business in Thailand can be a lot more complicated than moving a household. Preparing is key and ensuring that everything on your list is complete is essential. Our Expert Team can assist you with all preparations. With us you can make sure everything will go smoothly and you can focus solely on you work.

  • Light and Heavy Machinery Moving (Domestic & International)

  • Factory and Power plant Moving (Domestic & International)

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