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Costing Frequently asked questions

How do you calculate the cost for my move?

The cost for a domestic move depends on factors like: Items and their volume, access and vehicles necessary for the transport. In addition to these, factors that will influence the cost of an international move are: freight charges, port charges and customs clearance.

Why do costs vary from country to country?

As each country has different costs for products, services and labor the final amount of a door-to-door proposal is very much dependent on it's origin and destination.

When do people pay for a move?

We require full payment before commencement of services.

Do I need to consider any additional costs for my move?

Most of our move proposals are in the format 'door-to-door' which includes all costs as per move proposal including packing and unpacking. Things that can cause the cost to increase are factors like: difficult access, change in volume of the transport, additional storage or insurance.

Who is exempt from paying taxes and duties in the destination country?

Most people are exempt from these charges if they are able to supply the required import documents. For this purpose our selected partners in the destination country will make sure that your transport is good to go with a document check before the date of export.

Do people tip your packing teams?

As our packing teams consists of well trained industry professionals they appreciate any additional expression of gratitude for their services.